Monday, April 28, 2014

White Hot Nail Polish

I was watching the Miami Heat game the other night, and of course I wasn't really watching the game, I was scoping out the audience. I noticed a woman who was wearing bright white nail polish.  White is on everything this season, so naturally it has to be on your nails! Of course the go to nail polish brand is OPI, and they have tons of different shades of white, but if you would like to purchase a nail polish that doesn't cost $10, try Sinful Colors. This brand is sold in Wal-Mart (as is OPI now) and has a large selection of shades. Their website allows you to virtually try on different colors to see which ones you like, and the polishes retail at just $2. The color that I recently purchased is called Snow Me White. I like the brush, and the color didn't go on all goopy like a lot of white polishes. This will definitely be one of my go to shades for the summer.


Snow me White
Snow Me White

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