Monday, February 24, 2014

Style ideas taken from the streets of Milan and London

I absolutely love the European style sensibility. The unique, sexy, slouchy, effortless, bold way they wear clothes is enviable, and I guess that's why I've always gravitated towards European retailers such as Zara and Topshop. Their clothes embody the European sense of style which straddles the line between minimalist and flashy. I love the little details like structured bags, cat eyed glasses, and the mixing of high and low, like mom jeans with a stunning trench coat.  I also love that European girls don't give a damn! They aren't afraid to wear their hair messy, as long as there is a red lip and bowler hat involved. They know how to pick a statement piece and build around it. No doubt European street style is sexy, bold, unapologetic and most importantly original. The biggest thing I've learned from seeing the women walking the streets of London and Milan: Be Yourself!

Mix neutral looking prints and textures

Don't be afraid to go BOLD

Wear a stripped jacket over an all black ensemble

Statement coat in a neutral shade + colorful statement shoes

Pastel heels with a printed neutral coat

Wear a bright business suit with a sexy sheer white blouse

Glasses + Bangs + white coat + bright dress=LOVE

Right on time for spring:  pastels and white

Ripped jeans and leather; classic

Glasses and bangs win again! Plus that belt!

Slouchy coat, slouchy shirt kept together by leather pants and structured bag

The monochrome look

Blue and red is a do! Especially two different shades of blue

Black and gold always looks luxurious

Messy hair and bowler hat with a striped coat

Go rogue with tennis shoes and blazer with a red bag
(Photos via Harper's Bazaar and Who What Wear)

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