Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Topshop shoe collection by Chloe Jade Green

Who is Chloe Jade Green?? I had to google the name myself. Turns out her British businessman dad, Sir Phillip Green, owns Topshop as well as several other European retailers.Quite a lucky girl! Being the daughter of retail royalty Chloe gets to create her own shoe collections for Topshop each season, and this latest collection is definitely fun. The collection "inspired by the vibrant culture of the Americas" has shoes named after American cities (including South American ones). The "Vegas" shoe, a glitzy black and gold heel that borders on gaudy, definitely captures the essence of Las Vegas. Actually many of the other shoes are a bit gaudy as well but in a good way,  which has me thinking: Is this how America is perceived by Europeans?? Hmmmm... Overall though, the collection is nice but it reads a bit young for me. I do have a favorite and that's the "Malibu" sandal. It's perfect for spring and summer and the stripes are neutral enough to go with everything. The shoes range from $165-250. Purchase online on Thoughts??


Santa Monica
Buenos Aires

Santa Monica


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